Jamtse Tsokpa's Projects in India

Since its founding in 1997, the Jamtse Tsokpa Foundation, Association of Compassion has worked diligently to effectively respond to the numerous requests received.

How do we use your membership donations and the funds we raise at events and handicraft sales?

In addition to helping newly exiled Tibetans who need assistance for basic human needs and medical care, the Jamtse Tsokpa Foundation addressed educational and community needs. Below you will find a list of some of those accomplishments.

2009-Present Currently we have an urgent need for sponsors willing to offer ongoing monthly sponsorship for a monk's food, education, clothing, housing, and medical expenses at Lhundrub Chime Gatsal Ling Monastery.

2009-Present Ongoing sponsorship facilitiy repairs and sponsored food for one year for the little ophaned monks at Tashi Choeling Monastery
2008 Seed money for the publication of the book "Memories of Lost and Hidden Lands" by H.E. Garje Khamtrul Rinpoche
2008 Seed money for the founding of Tashi Choeling Monastery in Dharamsala.
2007 Seed money for publication of "The Excellent and Precious Vase of Wish-Fullfiling Desires"
2006 Establishment of an Adult Education Center
2004 Funded installation of solar power at Namgyal Monastery
2002 Publication of Tibetan folktales for school children in exile
2001 Publication and distribution of religious audio teachings for monks in exile
2000 Publication and distribution of religious books for monks in exile
1998 Completion of housing project, Drepung Gomang Monastery

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