Direct One-to-One Sponsorship

Sponsorship means you will be directly linked to one of these individuals and by contributing monthly a minimum amount of US$30 you can contribute to their life in ways unimagined!

The Jamtse Tsokpa Foundation will provide you with a photo, a bio, and an address of an exiled Tibetan refugee so that you can correspond and send financial support directly to that Tibetan refugee. Through this direct one-to-one contact you are assured that all your money is going directly to support and aid your sponsoree. For those sponsors who wish, we have a PayPal option. Jamtse Tsokpa can function as a liaison on your behalf.

The Jamtse Tsokpa Foundation needs your help in helping the Tibetan refugees. This is a huge undertaking. Every week there are “new arrivals” who have made the long and life-threatening journey from Tibet over Snow Mountain. These Tibetan refugees have found some measure of freedom, but are yet imprisoned by the circumstances of leaving family, property, and all personal belongings.

You have our guarantee that 100% of your sponsorship money go directly to a Tibetan refugee in exile.


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