H.E. Garje Khamtrul Rinpoche and
Lhundrub Chime Gatsal Ling Monastery

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It is remarkable then that the Buddha’s way of wisdom and compassion, first taught over 2500 years ago, is still available to our modern world thanks to the tireless efforts of many generations of Tibetans. The turbulent times that have swept Tibet since 1950 though have placed this tradition in great peril.

With this in mind, Garje Khamtrul Rinpoche founded Lhundrub Chime Gatsal Ling in the hopes that it might become a center for the protection, preservation and spread of the Buddha’s teachings. But of course, the temple, however beautiful, cannot uphold the teachings. Nor can the teachings uphold themselves. A monastic community of at least fifty or one hundred is needed to produce scholars and practitioners capable of this important task. And since the monks, upholders of the teachings, are human, they require three meals a day, tea, water, robes, soap, towels and other things. Most importantly, they must also receive an education, which entails study materials, study facilities and teaching faculty.

By supporting the monks you are by extension helping to preserve the Buddhist tradition and promote the basic human values they live by.