A Personal Story

Have you seen Seven Years in Tibet? Do you remember the final mountain portrayed in the film? That mountain's name is Jomo Longma (Mount Everest).

For our friends Genden and Kelsang, and over 100,000 other Tibetans this mountain is a landmark in their life-threatening journey to freedom.

It is difficult to imagine Genden and Kelsang hiking day and night, in freezing ice, snow, and rain through the Himalayan passes at elevations over 15,000 feet to escape severe persecution, not for anything they had done, or what they believed, but for who they are which is Tibetans.

What is most incredible about our friends is that neither are vengeful or angry toward the Chinese Government. Nor are they jealous of the seeming wealth that surrounds them in their new village, Kansas City.

They are working hard at their new found jobs, and they are studying to learn a new language and customs. They have also committed a share of their wages to go back into the exiled Tibetan community to help in whatever way they can. Their compassionate hearts, minds, and actions compel us to want to do even more to help.

You may already care deeply about Tibet, have donated funds in the past, or even be sponsoring a Tibetan refugee. We are asking you to do something more to help.

Please join the Jamtse Tsokpa Foundation, Association of Compassion today, and become a Friend of the Jamtse Tsokpa Foundation.

Your membership contribution will go directly toward aiding Tibetan refugees and will have a major impact in relieving their suffering and hardships. Please send in your membership contribution today.

In appreciation to you the Jamtse Tsokpa Foundation,Association of Compassion will send you a hand-made Tibetan prayer cord that has been personally blessed by His Holiness the XIVth the Dalai Lama. Prayer cords are traditionally worn by Tibetans for protection, the gift of long life, and the grace of prosperity.

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